Friends of Trees Yard Signs!

Do you have a tree from Friends of Trees in your yard or planting strip? We want to celebrate your tree and the benefits it provides with a beautiful yard sign! We designed these signs as part of a visibility campaign: We want people to know how important trees are to their communities, and to see the impact that Friends of Trees and its supporters have made throughout western Oregon and southwest Washington.

For now, we are only distributing yard signs to people who have a thriving tree from Friends of Trees, whether it was planted last year or 30 years ago. Think of it as your tree’s sign, rather than your own!

The first of several pickup windows will be Saturday, October 1, 12-2pm at the Friends of Trees Portland Office.
3117 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Portland, OR 97212

After you indicate your interest, we will keep you posted on distribution, probably in the next month or so! We hope that most people will be able to pick up their signs from the Friends of Trees office or a centralized pickup location.

Help us tell the story of what happens when you plant trees The Friends of Trees Way. Planting a tree is taking climate action that keeps us healthy, because trees clean our air, shade our streets, and make our neighborhoods livable. When planted with the power of volunteers, trees grow community. And when planted in neighborhoods that need them the most, trees are climate justice.

We’re offering these yard signs for free, but we encourage you to donate to cover its cost if you are able! 

Let’s spread the word about why trees are amazing!

*These signs were printed locally on recyclable materials using methods that minimize waste. They’re made to last, and we hope folks who get a yard sign keep them up for some time! When you’re done with yours, we ask that you recycle it, or return it to us to reuse or recycle.


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